Discrimination towards individuals with depression:International study:Lancet:Jan 2013.

Φρέσκια μελέτη έγκυρου παγκόσμιας απήχησης επιστημονικού περιοδικού που διεξήχθη σε 35 χώρες απεικονίζει το μέγεθος της επίδρασης του στίγματος. Πιο συγκεκριμένα τα ποσοστά των διακρίσεων που βίωσαν καταθλιπτικοί ασθενείς, αλλά και τα ποσοστά των ασθενών που αναμένοντας να βιώσουν διακρίσεις, έκρυψαν το πρόβλημά τους και περιόρισαν εργασιακές και κοινωνικές δραστηριότητες!



Stigma continues to be a significant barrier to effective care in depression. Stigma have different  conceptual components, ie  knowledge ( ignorance or misinformation), attitudes (prejudice), and behaviour (discrimination). Discrimination, i.e. rejection of and negative behaviour towards people with mental health problems, can cause low rates of help seeking, lack of access to care, under treatment  and social marginalisation . Antonio Lasalvia et al (ASPEN/INDIGO Study Group) investigated the patterns of experienced and anticipated discrimination and their relations with socio- demographic and clinical variables in people with depression.This is the first international study with a large sample investigating experiences of discrimination in depression.

Face to face cross-sectional survey was carried out in 35 countries. Individuals attending specialist mental health services with depression ( outpatients/day patients) were invited to participate. Participants completed the discrimination and stigma scale  interview.This tool has 32 questions divided in to 4 sub scales i.e. experienced discrimination, anticipated discrimination , overcome discrimination…

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